Founder and Sanctuary pups

About Me

My first special need German shepherd was at age 19. Valentine was thrown out of a moving vehicle in a plastic bag. Valentine sustained severe oxygen loss and had advanced cognitive dysfunction. Over the next few years, I rescued dogs being euthanized, abandoned dogs and dogs with severe bite and behavioral insecurities. 

In 2008 I was in a catastrophic accident with an 18-wheeler. I sustained serious injuries including a closed head injury. After many surgeries and years of therapies I was forced into retirement from my career. 

In 2017 I decided to open a sanctuary for the most severe special needs cases. I provide lifetime care, medical and training for dogs that otherwise would have been euthanized. 

I have dogs here with bite and aggressive behavior, dogs who require around the clock supervision, lifetime medicine, cancer and end stages of life. 

I have been rescuing these special dogs for 31 years and have dedicated my entire existence to helping these pups succeed and that they have. our pups are thriving and have overcome some of the most horrendous abuse by the human hand. 

Please take a moment to read about our very special pups and Thank you for supporting oour cause.